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  1. Coach agrees that his/her first priority is player safety and wellbeing and agrees to take all reasonable steps to advance player safety, including, but not limited to, attending classes for player safety (e.g. recognizing and handling possible concussions and proper hydration) and evaluating all playing equipment, fields and weather conditions to ensure safe playing conditions.  If an unsafe condition exists, Coach shall immediately stop play and/or take the appropriate protective action and then contact the Director of Coaching to alert the Club to the unsafe condition.   
  2. Coach agrees to participate in at least 2 training sessions per week and be present at league and tournament games involving the Team.  When a conflict arises, Coach will work with the Director of Coaching or his/her designee to arrive at an appropriate solution.  
  3. Coach will make a good faith effort to attend all coaches meetings, seminars, clinics and tryouts which are established by the Team and/or the Club.  It is the obligation of Coach to advise the Team and/or Club as soon as reasonably possible if an event cannot be attended.
  4. Training sessions will be run in a positive, constructive, structured, professional manner, stressing soccer skills and tactics.  Coach will be evaluated annually and his/ her position will be reviewed by the Coaching Committee / Club.  Coach’s retention shall be solely within the discretion of the Coaching Committee / Club.
  5. Coach is responsible for enforcing the Club’s Player and Parent Code of Conduct and ensuring the image of good sportsmanship relating to the actions of the assistant coaches, parents, and team players, prior to, during and after each game, practice and club event.  Coach shall report violations of the Club’s Player and Parent Code of Conduct and departures from good sportsmanship to the Club. 
  6. Coach is required to work with the team manager and the club registrar to maintain accurate records of all player rosters, equipment, medical releases, parent / guardian information and emergency information.  
  7. Coach is required to hold or obtain, an “E” level license, or above.   “D” and “E” level courses are paid for by the Club.  To determine if the Club has assistance available for higher level licenses, Coach must contact the Director of Coaching.    
  8. It is Coach’s responsibility to ensure that at least one member of the coaching staff is present at all practices, games, or any Club event.  If a conflict arises he/she must notify the Director of Coaching as soon as he/she is aware that a coach will not be present at an event.
  9. Coach is responsible for knowledge of the rules as defined by the AYSA and / or UAYSL.  Coaches are expected to follow all rules and regulations.
  10. Coach is required to wear Club approved coaching/ training gear at all Club practices, events and, games, including tournaments.  Coaching shirt/gear will be provided by the Club.
  11. Coach is responsible for submitting an accurate Club equipment inventory 2 weeks prior to the end of the each season.
  12. Coach will work with the Club and the Director of Coaching to identify appropriate tournaments for his/her Team to attend prior to the beginning of each season.  This allows the Club to identify the costs that it will incur for each team and invoice appropriately.

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