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Jersey Policy

Henlopen Soccer Club understands that the jersey number a player wears can be very important to that player.  One of our goals at Henlopen Soccer is to provide the best development pathway for all players.  Having fluidity between teams and age groups can help in achieving this goal.  The best way to do this is to have odd birth years wear odd number jerseys and even birth years wear even number jerseys.

For example, players born in 2012 will wear even numbered uniforms and players born in 2011 will wear odd numbered uniforms.

This is the best decision for the players and the club as a whole and was based upon these factors :

  • Club Culture

  • Unique Numbering within Two Birth Years

  • Player Movement

  • Duplicate Avoidance

  • Cost Saving

This policy was made for player development through occasions of  players from different teams to play in games together without limitations of jersey numbers.

The jersey number will be assigned by the Club.

Henlopen Soccer Club will begin outfitting our select/travel teams with New Balance uniforms starting with the 2021-2022 season.

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