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Club Handbook

Player Code of Conduct

  • Players represent Henlopen Soccer Club and should behave in an appropriate manner both on and off the field.
  • Players must understand that the commitment to Henlopen Soccer Club select team is a full year commitment.  The season runs from August through the following July.
  • Players should recognize the physical demands of being an athlete and keep themselves fit at all times via a sensible diet, exercise and appropriate rest.
  • Players should be punctual to all meeting times and should arrive ready to participate.
  • Players will treat other players as they wish to be treated. Players will not tease, abuse, ridicule, taunt, or demean, other players, coaches, referees, or spectators. (This includes opposing teams.) 
  • Players will not, under any circumstances, participate in physical violence or threats before, during, or after any game or practice. (This includes opposing and other teams.) 
  • Players are expected to focus on execution during training sessions and games.  Players will listen to their coaches and trainers and accept the advice and rules with respect.  Players will also show respect for opponents, match officials and any Club personnel.
  • If a player is unable to attend a training session or game, it is the player's responsibility to contact the coach and/or team manager as far in advance as possible so that appropriate plans can be made in the player's absence.
  • Players are prohibited from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs while on the active roster of any HSC team. 
  • Players will obey the laws of the game and play within the spirit of the game. 
  • Players will support the team and club by volunteering services when needed. 

Parent Code of Conduct

Henlopen Soccer Club expects parents of players to follow the club’s code of conduct and guidelines. As a parent of a Henlopen player(s), you agree to: 

-Respect the game, coaches, players, officials and other parents at all times. 

-Honor all financial and volunteer commitments to Henlopen Soccer Club in the agreed upon time and manner. 

-Commit your child to Henlopen Soccer Club for the entire registered year, which includes fall, winter (if applicable to your team), and spring. 

-Agree that your child plays soccer for only Henlopen Soccer Club and not any other professional or competitive soccer organizations. If you have questions about additional training, please contact your Henlopen Soccer Club Coach. 

-Make sure your child is on time to and from all practices and games. Notify the coach and/or team manager of any illnesses, injuries, vacations or others absences. 

-Communicate important issues with Henlopen coaches only during a scheduled meeting. Please allow coaches to have uninterrupted time with the players during practices and games. If you have any questions or concerns, please set up a meeting with your Henlopen Coach. 

-Understand that Henlopen Soccer Club is always working towards creating a premier competitive environment. Playing time, positions, lineups and teams are based on ability and performance. 

-Allow the use of your child’s name and/or photo on the Henlopen Soccer Club website or other news articles released by the club.

-Parents/Guardians are responsible for their guests' behavior and must inform guests of the applicable rules of conduct.


Players are required to wear the appropriate Henlopen Soccer Club gear to each game.  Players are responsible for the upkeep of this gear.


Henlopen Soccer Club will communicate with players and families through email.  Therefore, it is very important that we have a valid email address for each player provided during registration.  

  • All team specific communication will come from the team coach and/or team manager.  Many teams utilize the SportsEngine app.  Once a player is assigned to a team and registers with the club, the player will be able to  receive communication through the app.
  • If a player is going to miss a training session, game or other event, the player must contact the coach and/or team manager as far in advance as possible.
  • Any cancellation of training or game due to weather will be communicated to players by the coach and/or team manager.
  • Any communication between a parent/guardian and a coach or team manager must be respectful and done at a reasonable hour.
  • Conflict resolution: 

    Henlopen Soccer Club encourages our members to take a 24-hour “cool down” period before addressing a conflict that may have occurred. Complaints and concerns regarding your soccer experience should be directed according to the following guidelines. 

    Complaints regarding Henlopen Soccer Club coaches, assistant coaches, and/or managers should be addressed with the head coach. If resolution is not satisfactory, document your concerns in writing to the attention of the appropriate program director. 

    Zone 1 (PDP through U12) : Patrick Kilby - 

    Zone 2 (U13 through U19) : Bill Swontek - 

  • Concerns regarding your child’s team should be addressed directly with your child’s coach or assistant coach at a proper time and place. It is recommended that a meeting is scheduled away from the team and other parents. If resolution is not satisfactory, document your concerns in writing to the attention of the club president. 

    Club President: Stephanie Parker 

    It is our hope that conflicts will not arise, however, if they do, we are confident that the above-mentioned policy will provide transparency and a resolution to all matters.

Risk Management

Henlopen Soccer Club requires background checks every year for every select coach and team manager.  We abide by US Soccer's Risk Management program.

To help keep every player safe, we have the following policies, which are designed to protect the players. 

Pick Up Policy -  

Coaches or a staff member are required to stay on the field until the last player has been picked up.  

We ask that all parents work with us drop off and pick up your child on time.

We understand that many families have hectic schedules and getting to and from practice can be challenging.  Please understand that our coaches and staff also have obligations outside of Henlopen Soccer Club and may need to leave immediately following a training or game.

Social Media, Electronic  and Communications - 

Online, social media and other electronic communication tools have become a very effective means of communication.  The expectation of Henlopen Soccer Club is that these tools will be used with respect by all of our coaches, players, parents, managers, and administration.

For our purposes, "online media" and "social media" refers to internal and external websites, blogs, online social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok) wikis, video and photo sharing sites (e.g. YouTube) and other forms of personal online publishing and discourse.  

Social media platforms are typically public.  Even when using social media for personal purposes, a person's public expressions might affect his/her professional identity and the organizational interests of Henlopen Soccer Club.  

Internet and Communication - Coaches

All social media communications must be public, and all communications on or through them must be public. Being “public” means no private channels. For example, private Facebook groups, direct messaging or private invitations to personal Facebook pages, invite-only YouTube channels, or Twitter direct messaging to individual players, and the like shall not be permitted between coaches and players. This enables administrators to monitor all communication and help ensure there is no inappropriate communication between coaches (including assistants and volunteers) and players. This also serves to protect coaches.

Coaches will abide by a “two-step” policy for all communications and activities. At least two Henlopen Soccer Club affiliated adults, or one Henlopen Soccer Club affiliated adult and a parent, must be included or at least “copied” on all messages to players.

There should be no private messages and no one-on-one direct contact through Facebook messages, Twitter, direct messaging, Skype, chats, instant messaging (including but not limited to Google Messenger, AIM, and the like) or other similar messaging features provided through social media sites. This two-step policy also applies to all activities, outings, excursions, or other meetings between an adult and a player.

A coach may respond to a direct inquiry from a player regarding logistics of practice times, cancellations, schedules, etc. but our coaches should strive to include another adult on messages whenever possible.

Coaches and team representatives should only use text messages on issues that are soccer related and all communications should include a parent or guardian copied on the message.

Staff members should not be "friends" on Facebook with a current player. If you post content on any social media site (e.g., Facebook, blog, discussion board or comment) and it has something to do with work of Henlopen Soccer Club or subjects associated with the organization or any of its members, you should include a disclaimer in substantially the following form: "The postings on this site are my own, personal views and do not represent the views or positions of the Company, its customers, or personnel."

When providing your contact information for personal business in social media, you should use your personal contact information such as a personal email address. You should never provide your personal contact information (e.g., personal email, phone number, home address, etc.) directly to a player unless the player’s parent or guardian gives permission and the two-step policy is applied to all communications between you and that player.

All Henlopen Soccer Club players registered with the club sign consent to use their pictures, names and likeness on social media and for promotions. Coaches and staff must obtain consent from non-registered guest players before posting video, photos or images. Failing to do so places responsibility on the poster to promptly take down or otherwise edit the posting in order to protect their privacy.

Internet Safety for Players

When online do not give out any personal information without your parents' permission.

• Do not “friend” your coach on Facebook or other social media sites.

• Do not participate in “one on one” conversations via email, text message, telephone, Skype, Facebook or other social media sites with your coach.

• If your coach or any other adult sends or shows you email or any type of direct message/wall post or text message with images or words that make you feel uncomfortable, do not respond. Tell a parent or trusted adult about the message or what happened.

• Tell a parent or guardian about any calls or texts you receive from a coach that discuss more than just soccer related issues.

• If your coach or any other adult tells you to keep what’s going on between the two of you secret, tell a parent or guardian immediately.

Medical Protocol and Emergency Procedures

Medical and health insurance information will be collected for all players as part of the registration process.  Families should notify the club if their player does not have health insurance.

If there is an on field injury during a training session or game : if a parent/guardian is present they will be immediately consulted.  If a parent/guardian is not present the coaching staff will assess the situation and call the parent/guardian and/or emergency personnel depending upon the severity of the injury.

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