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COVID Update

By HSC, 09/01/20, 2:30PM EDT


COVID Update


August 10th Update:

  • Teams may now play games against each other, a team from another club or state 
  • Teams may attend leagues and tournaments  
  • Teams still need to follow Covid/Social Distancing protocols 
  • If a player or parent from your club contracts the virus, they are to contact the DE Health Dept.  
  • Spectators (Practice) - For competitive players and recreational players U10 and older, parents are encouraged to drop off or stay in their car. For younger players, parents are encouraged to remain on-site in their car. If parents do come out to the fields, a mask is required. Social distancing protocols apply.
  • Spectators (Games)  - Families are encouraged to limit the number of spectators. Spectators must wear a mask and must practice social distancing.

Things that stay the same:

  • Return to play is 100% voluntary.
  • Players should still come to and leave from practice wearing a mask
  • Players should practice social distancing whenever possible on and off the field.
  • In practice, no one should touch balls with their hand, other than GK's. No throw-ins.... when the ball goes out of play, kick-ins should be used to restart play. Throw ins are allowed during games
  • No heading in practice. Heading is allowed during games
  • No high fives, hugs, etc.
  • No spitting
  • No sharing of equipment cones, pinnies, shin guards, water bottles, uniforms, etc.
  • Intensified cleaning and disinfection of equipment and on premises